In Youtube, there is no any way to upload videos to a Youtube channel or account by different authors, without knowing the login information for that particular Youtube channel or account.

One workaround here is that we can use a simple PHP script to create a upload form. This will let others upload videos to your Youtube channel without any hassle or sharing your login information.

Youtube Uploader to rescue

Introducing YouTube Uploader, a simple file upload form/tool that lets anyone upload videos to your YouTube channel from their desktop or mobile phone. The uploader doesn’t even need a Google account to sign in beforehand and they will still be able to upload video files of any size to your YouTube channel without knowing your account credentials.

Here is how you can build your own YouTube uploader in few easy steps.

  1. Click here to make a copy of the YouTube uploader script in your Google Drive. It is recommended that you create a new Google account to test the YouTube uploader before using it with your main account.
  2. Enable the YouTube API for your Google project. Go to Resources > Cloud Platform Project, click the project name and enable the YouTube Data API from the API library.
  3. While inside the script editor, go to Publish > Deploy as Web App and click Update.
  4. You’ll be presented with an authorization screen as the script needs permission to upload videos on your behalf and also send email notifications when a new video is uploaded. Click Allow.