Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? We use our mobile devices for different tasks in our day to day life. Taking photos of awesome things we see or taking some selfies with your buddies is one of the main things that we all do with our mobile devices. What app do you use if you want to enhance your photos a little bit? Using a photo editor app we can add some brightness, reduce contrast or even add some effects to your photos to make it more extraordinary. Here is top 3 free photo editing apps for your Android devices that you should try out in 2019.

Snapseed 2.0 – Perfect any photo fast

Snapseed is developed by Google and snapseed is the easiest tool to edit photos. Snapseed doesn’t have a lot of effects because this is more like a touch up app. If you just want to touch up your photos and make them look vibrant and looks awesome, Snapseed what you would want to try.


This can be mentioned as the Mobile photoshop because the feature which they provide for users is great. it is a basic mini photoshop. PicsArt is really useful for hardcore photo editors. This app does have a load of effects that can be applied to your photos. Stickers, lens flare effects and more. This also has a lot of tools that we can use while editing our photos.

PicsArt Photo Studio is a powerful hybrid art tool that allows digital artists to create unusual images, combining images. PicsArt camera gives you an opportunity to use effects in real-time. Such settings significantly affect the performance of the camera. If the device isn’t powerful enough, it will be much more convenient to take a picture and apply the effect on an already saved photo.

Lightroom for Mobile

Lightroom PC software is one of the best photo touching up software used by photographers these days. Mobile version of Lightroom also have most of its PC versions features integrated. Basically this is one of my favorite photo editing apps. The mobile version is free. Really simple to use. We can adjust lighting, color, effects, details for high-quality professional-looking photos. The best part is we can edit our photos without worrying about losing the quality of our photos.

Other than these top 3 photo editing apps for android, there are hundreds more that you can use for free in Google Play Store. What app do you use to edit your photos for free? Let us know in the comment section.