Have you ever wondered about saving all your passwords in one place without even needing to memorize them? If yes, you just need a Password Manager for that.

Password Manager is something like a vault where you can store password logins of websites like social media, email accounts, shopping sites, etc. You can access your passwords anytime and from anywhere.

All your password is secured with the high security and best encryption codes that allows only you to see and access them at any place and across all the devices. Creating a password for many sites which you use is a time-wasting and also need strong memories to remember them.

In this post, we are going to talk about 5 password managers that you can use with the Google Chrome browser.

5 Best Password Manager Chrome Extension

If you are a Google Chrome user, you might be familiar with chrome extensions. Extensions can be used to enhance your browsing experience as well as your day-to-day life.

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So let’s move on and have a look at the best Password Manager Chrome Extension for Windows 10.

LastPass (Free & Paid)

LastPass is one of the best Password Manager out there without a doubt. If you don’t plan on spending money on a Password Manager, you should try the free version of LastPass.

LastPass provides AES 256-bit encryption to protect the password from hackers and it also doesn’t store passwords on their server.

The free version has features like Unlimited Password Store, Autofill Option, Address Fill, Two-factor Authentication and more.

Dashlane (Free & Paid)

Another best password manager in terms of security and features. No one can beat Dashlane when it comes to securing the wallet that filled with your sensitive passwords.

Dashlane is a famous Password Manager and has millions of users worldwide. Dashlane is recommended by most of the security experts.

With the Dashlane free version, you can Generate, View and Store an unlimited password for all your accounts and can access them across all the devices. The free version also have other features like Data Breach notification, so whenever a hacker trying to access your Vault it will notify you.

Keeper (Free)

Keeper is another fast and secure password manager that can be installed on Google Chrome which has a robust interface and supports every website.

Keeper provides the biometric and face detection tool to log in to Keeper every time you visit to protect vault. If you don’t have face detection or fingerprint, then you can use one master password to access Keeper vault.

We suggest the premium version of Keeper if you are planning on using this on an Enterprise level. It will also give you features like Unlimited users, Number of multi factors and more.

Avira Password Manager

Avira Password Manager is developed and maintained by the famous Anti-virus program named Avira. Avira PM will help you to store your logins securely and sync them between your devices.

This also has an in-built password generator that you can use when registering on websites.

Avira uses 256-bit Encryption to secure your passwords and also generates strong passwords with their in-built password generator.

Total AV

Developed and powered by another Anti-virus software named Total AV. You can use this password manager for free by downloading it from the Chrome Store.

Just like other Password Managers, Total AV uses 256-bit Encryption and provides you all the simple interface and a good control method.

Total AV is always checking up on your saved passwords so if you update one of your saved passwords, Total AV will prompt a message asking you to update the saved password in Total AV too.


This is the end of the top 5 best Password Managers for Google Chrome browser. By now you might know how is it important to use a password manager and how to choose a reliable password manager from the list above.

If you know any other good password managers except these, please let us know in the comment section.