What’s on your schedule for today? Meetings or dinner with family? If you are planning on organizing a little meetup, or an event, it is tough to find a suitable location and time that works for everyone because of everyone’s tight schedules. I was once organizing this little gathering for some of my college friends, and I had to spam their inboxes by asking what time or the location that would work for them? It’s frustrating. You might have been in the same place even for a once in your life.


But worry no more. Thanks to Campstarter, we can find the best time and the location for our events. No login required. Full privacy. No marketing or spam emails, and it’s completely free of charge.

Campstarter helps you find the best date and time that works for everyone. Select potential meeting times, select up to 3 locations based on your live location, send the suggestions to your contacts, and each invitee can vote for the dates that work best for them.

Once every invitee voted for the best time and the location, you can do confirm the final time and the location for your event. Once you have done this, all your invitee’s will get an email notification too.

You get a secret link that you can edit or delete the event you had created. Every vote is live. That means you can see who voted for which place or the time in real-time. You will get an email notification once all the participants are voted.