Whether you like to cook your own meals or just love to eat different dishes, odds are you have a collection of various food recipes you find online and would like to try saved on to your web browser or some other service that let you save notes.

If you actually want to use those resources, the search is chaotic. What if there is a mobile application which let you save recipes you find online, tag them for an organization, make shopping lists?

CookUp – Save and cook recipes you find online

There are lots of recipe apps, or even meal-prep apps and websites – but they are generally walled gardens, we had to choose from their plans or their recipe collection.

There is a seemingly endless number of websites and blog posts that have some great recipes – but they are inundated with ads, are inconvenient to save / process, and easy to lose in the search for the next week’s meals.

CookUp is a mobile application developed by Greg Kopyltsov that can use to save all your recipes in one place. You can also use CookUp to shop and share recipes easily without any hassle. This application also has a feature to check off instructions as you prepare your meal.

The best part of CookUp is that it’s available for both Android and Apple mobile devices.

Saving to CookUp is really easy. All you have to do is search for the food recipe you want. Hit the Share button in your browser and select CookUp.

  • Works with every mobile web browsers
  • Preview recipe before saving it to CookUp
  • Tag recipes for easy discovery later

CookUp makes prepping meals simple & efficient with an intuitive interface that shows you only the information you need and lets you mark your progress as you cook.

  • Quickly jump to see what ingredients you need, and how much of them
  • Check off your progress as you prepare your meal so you don’t get lost in the fray of cooking
  • Add a recipe’s ingredients to a grocery list with one tap, then go shopping or send it to Instacart for delivery

CookUp is a free-to-use application and they do have a premium plan too if you are interested which costs $1.99 month. Their mobile application is also ad-free. So you can cook your favorite meal tonight without any distractions.

Demonstration video of CookUp app