Google has recently launched a new Google Chrome extension where it’s users can report dangerous and spam websites to Google Safe Browsing Index directly. Google Safe Browsing Index is used by Google Chrome and few other third party web browsers out there.

In addition to this extension, Google is also adding up a new warning notice when you try to visit a site that could potentially try to trick you into giving your personal sensitive data.

Basically what Google Safe Browsing Index does is, it automatically crawls the web and looks for suspicious sites. Now with this extension, you can help by reporting dangerous websites that you come across while browsing the Internet.

Google Safe Browsing helps protect over four billion devices every day from threats like phishing and malware by showing warnings to users when they attempt to visit a dangerous site or download dangerous files.

With this new Suspicious Site Report extension, you will see a new icon in the extensions area of your browser. Clicking that icon when you are on a dangerous spam website will show you more information about why that particular site is suspicious. You can also report that website from there.

As we mentioned earlier, Google will now throw a full-page roadblock when you try to visit suspicious websites with deceptive URLs like ‘’.

“This new warning works by comparing the URL of the page you’re currently on to URLs of pages you’ve recently visited,” the team of Safe Browsing Index explains.

The new full-page roadblock of Google Chrome browser

You can install the following extension by visiting Google Web Store or by simply clicking here.