The Internet is full of data. If you are a heavy internet user, you might be worrying about who keeps your personal data such as your name, address, phone numbers, etc. Especially with the news that we heard recently, we should be worrying about our privacy. Having been on the inside of the tech world, we see how people were starting to lose trust in companies. We also noticed a shift in the public discourse, and growing concerns about personal data collection, identity, and privacy. So what if there is a way to get a detailed report about which companies hold your data.

Say Mine

Using this product named SayMine, you can discover and effectively manage what the internet knows about you. They call it ‘your digital footprint’. By reclaiming your legal ‘right-to-be-forgotten’, you can permanently delete your data that’s held by different companies.

You can simply log in to their website and within a few seconds, it will give you a list of companies that you have registered since the beginning. From that list, you can select which services you use and which services you don’t use anymore and let SayMine send that particular company an email request asking to delete your account (data collection) as soon as possible according to the GDPR.

SayMine - Take Back Ownership


You can easily understand the type of data that companies collect about you, categorized by the industry as you can see in the above screenshot.

SayMineApp is able to track down personal data traces you leave behind every time you interact with a digital service. These traces could include different types of data, such as your name, email address, home or work address, phone number, credit card information, passport, social security, identification number, behavioral data, and much, much more.

Getting started with SayMine

It’s really simple. Click here to visit the SayMine website. After that click on your email provider and sign in. They only support Gmail and Microsoft email accounts at the moment. Then you can find out what the internet knows about you, your digital footprint. Your digital footprint is hidden in your email inbox and SayMine will help you discover it. By signing in with your email, it allows them to scan the subject lines and metadata of your emails (they never collect or store this information, according to them) to find those traces and reflect them back to you.