As we know Cyberbullying, online bullying or mudslinging your character in front of everyone is making people uncomfortable. This is very common in social media these days.

However, to overcome this kind of situations, Instagram – World’s largest online photo sharing community introduced a new feature. With this feature, if someone else is bullying or mudslinging you over your posts comment section. You are able to flag their comments. The best thing once a comment is flagged, no one can see it nor the person who posted that comment can not know it was flagged and hidden to the public.

Only you and the person posted that abusive comment can see it. It’s hidden to the rest of the people. With this feature, you can easily dodge these bullying or mudslinging by other people.

Other than that, Instagram has this new feature powered by AI that can identify if someone is going to post an angry or abusive comment towards someone and stop it beforehand.

Even though we can report this kind of comments on Facebook and other social media platforms, it takes times to review those reports. But with this new feature of Instagram gives access to the person who gets the bullying to do it themselves in a matter of seconds.