Have you ever seen an advertisement from one of your competitors or a great campaign from a brand in social media and used it to expand your own product roadmap? The rise of social media and digital marketing has given marketers options not only to reach their own audience but also to track what their competitors are doing. Basically, if you are not monitoring what your competitors are doing, you are missing out on a big opportunity.

Today we are going to take a look at a new tool which gives you the ability to spy on your competitors or great brands on Facebook and know as soon as they start a campaign on social media.

How to Track Competitors Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ad Library, PixelMe’s new tool called ‘AdInboxMe‘ will send you an alert whenever your competitors launch a new Facebook ad campaign. This will send you an alert containing a link to Facebook Ad Library with details about the campaign your competitors started. You don’t have to waste your time by checking all your competitors one by one every day.

AdInboxMe is a very straight forward and user-friendly tool that takes no more than a few seconds to get started. First, you will add the facebook URL of the competitor that you want to track and the tool will search for;

As you can see, from here, you can connect to the Facebook Ad Library listing for that Page, enabling you to check out all of their previous ads.

After that, you can click on that ‘Alert Me’ button and enter your email which you will use to receive alerts about your competitors’ campaigns.

And it’s that simple. This free tool will help you to stay on top of the marketing campaigns your competitors running on huge social media such as Facebook.