Have you ever walked into a room, only to forget what were you were in there for? It’s normal for a human. We all had moments like that. A simple reminder can help you keep on track for whatever you plan on doing. The same concept works for potential customers. We are going to discuss how to convert your past visitors into customers for free exactly when they need your services.


According to Remindee, 90% of web site visitors leave without taking any action on your website and Remindee will help you convert those visitors to customers for free. Remindee is an email reminder service made for your website visitors. This sends perfectly-timed email reminders to your past visitors.

So if you are looking to get your sales skyrocketed, consider adding an email reminder to your website. Remindee email reminder includes all the features you need to convert past visitors into new customers, such as;

  • Automatic Delivery
  • Add special offers (Optional)
  • Custom Content
  • Re-Reminder
  • Resend to Unopens
  • Unlimited Reminders

Basically this is like a newsletter popup, but better than it and more effective. Why is Remindee is effective than newsletters? Because people who just discovered your website don’t want to receive news from you every week. But a reminder is more useful and less engaging for them. And also what you need is customers. Not a mailing list. Remindee makes your visitors come back when they are ready to become customers. That’s as simple as that!

You might wonder how are the visits counted? A visit is counted every time a user is actively engaged with one of your websites. If the user leaves and comes back later (30 minutes or more after he left) or another day, it’s counted as a new visit. However, he will be counted as the same visitor.

And also in the near future, it will be possible to export email reminder addresses from your account for CRM and marketing purposes.