Being one of the most popular social media platform, Instagram is used by almost 500 million active users every day. Most people browse Instagram by using locations or hashtags. Instagram let you clear search history in a few simple ways. By way of the search function. If your Instagram search history has become so cluttered that it’s impossible to find a shortcut, you might want to consider clearing it. Fortunately, Instagram allows deletion of the prior searches you did, so you can wipe away the search history all of those keywords, hashtags, and user names that you don’t want showing up in the search section of the app anymore.

Deleting Search History in Instagram

You have to clear Instagram search history manually as Instagram doesn’t clear them automatically.


Step 01: Open the Instagram app on your device and go the profile screen. In case of Android phones, tap the three-dot icon at the top-right corner and on iPhone, tap on the gear icon.


Step 02: Scroll down and under the Account label you will find Search history. Tap on it. Then tap on Clear Search History. A pop up will appear. Click on Yes, I’m sure.

This should normally clear your suggestions. However, if you are still getting the previous items in search, follow these solutions.

  1. Restart Device
    • Once you clear the Instagram search history by following the above steps, we suggest you restart your device. As dumb as it may sound, sometimes restarting your phone is all you need to fix a nagging problem.
  2. Log out from the app
    • Another way to fix this is by logging out of your account in Instagram and log in again with your Instagram credentials.