Spotify no doubtfully one of the largest music streaming platform out there. Spotify has millions of tracks that users can listen as long as they want. By using a premium subscription of Spotify gives it’s users the ability to listen to unlimited tracks without any advertisements. However being said there are millions of tracks in Spotify, who really has the time to sift through that many tracks and build the smartest, most perfect playlist by adding each track one by one?

In this tutorial, we will discuss an online tool that helps us automatically build up playlists based on song popularity. Sounds awesome, right?

Shuffle Spotify

Long story short, Shuffle Spotify helps us with generating random Spotify playlists based on song popularity. If you want to make an awesome playlist but in the same time don’t want to spend hours scrolling through those tracks, you should try this free online tool.

Generating random playlists with Shuffle Spotify is easy. Once you visit their website. You can see a big green color button labeled ‘Login to Spotify’. The tool works by connecting to your Spotify account and then letting you generate random playlists based on song popularity.

Once you log into Shuffle Spotify through your Spotify account, you will be greeted with a form where can select a name for your new Spotify playlist, how many tracks that you want to be added to the playlist. Numbers of tracks per playlist is limited to 100 by Spotify. So you can’t go higher than that. After that, you can select the minimum popularity and the maximum popularity of songs that you want to fetch for your playlist.

After filling all the required fields, clicking on ‘Generate Random Tracks’ will generate you a fresh and random Spotify playlist based on song popularity. It won’t take minutes, just a few seconds and you will get the success message.

What do you think about this online tool? Do you find this useful? Let us know in the comment section below.