Like an advanced version of a screenshot, screen recording enables you to create demonstration videos, record gaming achievements for posterity, and create videos that can be shared online on the likes of YouTube. If you are looking forward to making a video of what’s happening on your computer, you would usually use some heavy screen recording software.

Choosing the right screen recorder is very important when making a video. Different screen recording software offers a range of different features, can save captures in varying formats. If you are looking to forward just to record your browser with no fancy stuff, Scrnrcrd is the tool for you.

scrnrcrd – Record your screen right from the browser

Scrnrcrd – Homepage

This is a web tool which allows you to simply record screen from your browser right away without any 3rd party installation. Most of these types of web tools required you to download a launcher of them. But this is very simple and straightforward.

You simply go to their website, click on the Record button and choose which window or application you want to record and start recording. After the recording is done, you can simply download it in .mp4 file format.

Demonstration vide of Scrnrcrd