We are pretty sure you might have come across this error at least once in your lifetime. If you are trying to watch or play a YouTube video but it is showing this ‘An error occurred, please try again later error’ continuously, you can follow up on these tips and tricks to fix that issue you have. This is a very rare problem these days but It’s better to know how to fix this error if it ever happens to you again.

Fix An error occurred, Please try again later error on YouTube

If you are trying to watch or play a YouTube video but it is showing An error occurred, Please try again later error continuously, you can follow these tips and tricks to fix that issue. Although this is a very rare problem nowadays, people still get it when trying to play a video on YouTube. It doesn’t matter why you are getting this problem, you might be able to find the solution here.

1. Reload The Webpage

Yes, It’s just that simple. Sometimes this error can pop up due to some internal conflicts in your browser. In this kind of situation, It’s better to reload the web page or restart your browser before trying anything else on our list. Note that this is a temporary solution.

2. Disable Proxy / VPN

It’s true that VPN and proxies help you to browse the Internet anonymously but sometimes when you are using a system-wide VPN or Proxy application, it can break your Internet and web pages you visit. In that kind of situation, you can temporarily disconnect your VPN or Proxy and see if it would resolve the error.

3. Disable All Extensions

Sometimes an extension or browser plugin that you have installed on your browser can cause this problem. If none of the above methods worked for you, It’s better to try it again by disabling all your browser extensions temporary. If it does solve the problem, you need to enable one extension at a time to find out the culprit and disable it forever or find an alternative for that extension.

4. Change DNS

You need to change the DNS so that you can check if the problem is occurring due to your Internet Service Provider’s restrictions or not. This is very easy to change the DNS irrespective of the device you are using. There are lot of DNS services such as Google DNS and Cloudflare DNS. Both are equally good, but it’s suggested to go with Google DNS first to see if it would resolve this problem.

5. Block Third-party Cookies

Third-party cookies can cause this issue as well. Every browser has an option to enable or disable third-party cookies. If you are getting above error message when trying to play Youtube videos, you should block all the third-party cookies and try it again.

6. Delete Cookies, Cache

Last option that you can try to fix this Youtube error is to clear your browser cookies and caches. You don’t have to delete all the cache and cookies. You can do it by the hour or a day.

7. Try another browser

If none of the above methods works for you. You should go ahead and try to play a Youtube video with another web browser. If other browsers are playing YouTube video without any problem, you can consider reinstalling your browser too.