There has been an experimental FaceDetector API within the Chrome web browser since version 56 that can automatically detect when someone is looking at a webcam. With the help of this creepy technology some developers developed a chrome extension that can pause Youtube videos when you are not looking at the screen.

Now Carl Duncun from Product Hunt, using this in-built face detection technology, developed an Android application that does the same job but in a better way. Face Tube is a version optimized from FacePause to play videos from the popular site YouTube automatically and use the least amount of resources.

Face Tube stops YouTube videos when you are not looking at the screen. Face Tube uses your built in Face Detection to pause anything you are doing when you are not looking at the screen and resumes it when you look back.

Demonstration video of Face Tube

Features of FaceTube;

Screen Standby Customization – choose the color of the screen overlay when the screen is paused.
Power saving mode – manually turn on the screen and turn it off.
Rear-view camera face authentication – face detection using the rear view camera to control the pause.
Face Detection Frequency – you can specify how often the camera should check if you have turned away.
Display Menu – choose to display a menu when the screen is paused allowing you to access the App fast.
Pause cam – option to show the pause cam on your screen while using Face Tube.

Now since these applications use your front cam, lot of people doesn’t find it convincing to use this kind of application. But if you want to try it out, you can simply visit the Google Play Store and search for Face Tube and download this application which is free.

What do you think of this application? Would you use it or is it too creepy for you? Let us know in the comment section below.