BlackHole is secure, server-less file transfer that works with blockchain technology. It’s an open-source project and available for Windows and Mac.

As we keep hearing about data breach news of big companies such as Dropbox and WhatsApp, It is really hard to trust those companies with our files and/or personal data. We think the best way to keep your files or personal data is not having them in the first place. In other words, to use a server-less solution like Blockchain. In this case, BlockHole File Transfer is going to help us.

Basically what happens with your uploaded files is BlockHole will split your uploaded files into parts, encrypt, and then upload to a random hub of your choice. It gives you a private share link that plays the role of a key. No one can access the file without this link. Unlike traditional centralized services, BlackHole doesn’t know about who, whom, what, and where the file shared! And that’s the reason team of BlackHole, named it as it is.

Few key-points of BlackHole;

  • No storage limit
  • No file expiration date
  • Direct downloads
  • No registration required to download
  • Add passwords to uploaded files

Secure as Crypto Money – Blockchain, plus industry-standard AES CBC with 256 bits key, plus PKCS7 padding pattern.

Data streaming – No need to waste time on uploading progress, links are generated and shareable instantly, and the receiver can also see how uploading goes!

Designed for everyday use – Press Command/Ctrl + B on any file or folder, you now have a private share link in your clipboard. Hold the Shift key while doing this, and add your defined password as extra protection.

BlockHole also has a paid plan where it gives you more features than the free version. You can use BlackHole for free, with no storage or bandwidth limit, but for files bigger than 512 MB, there is an upcoming PLUS plan.

How does BlackHole protect your data?

BlackHole operates as a transparent and secure system based on Bitcoin blockchain. It will always encrypt everything using ECIES and AES256 encryption, and only a specific recipient key can decrypt it. Also, the protocol codebase is open-source and hosted on GitHub. You can check it out here.

Where are your uploaded files gone?

BlackHole encrypts the files and then send them to a hub of your choice. Thanks to Blockstack, BlackHole comes with free unlimited storage. You also have an option to chose your own storage provider if you want. There is no difference in what provider you are using; BlackHole will encrypt all your data with the highest security possible.

You can download BlackHole for your Windows or Mac computers. Click here to go to their website for more information regarding this service.