Let’s imagine you have a product but are struggling with your branding. You need a logo for your product or the business but you don’t have the knowledge to design a logo yourself. What can you do? You can either hire a professional logo designer which will cost you a couple of hundreds of bucks or even more, or you can create yourself a logo with a free logo maker.

Today we are going to talk about that kind of free online logo creator that you can use to brand your business or the product. This is a side project by Namecheap. Namecheap Logo Maker – an online application with a very simple method to generate beautiful logos in seconds.

This is free and very user-friendly. This can be used by anyone who doesn’t have knowledge about logo designing. While the process of selecting a logo for a product or business is not that easy, Namecheap seeks to make things easier and achieves it perfectly. You don’t have to register, so you can simply visit their website and start designing your logo.

To get started, go to Namecheap Logo Maker website and click on ‘Create Your Logo’ button. After that, you can type in your product or business name and select the type of your business. That part is optional.

Then you will be prompted with a page to select a font style. You will have a series of various font styles and you have to select 6 of them to go to the next step.

After selecting your favorite font style, you will then have to select your favourite color scheme for your logo. After that, you will be asked for a slogan if there’s any. That part is also optional.

The last step is to select 3 icons for your logo. You will be given a series of different icons and you select up to 3 icons.

The results are really great and you can download logos that you like by clicking on them.

To try Namecheap Logo Maker, follow this link.