Have you ever had opened lot of browser tabs in Google Chrome and can’t find the correct tab that you are looking for or had a hard time finding the tab that you want to close? Having struggled with too many browser tabs is really hard but in this tutorial, we will show you an easy method to close your browser tabs with a single click based on accessed time.

CloseMyTabs Chrome Extension

This chrome extension is developed by Kamban The Maker and it is used to navigate, search, & close browser tabs based on the last active time with one click. You can close multiple tabs, adjust duration, view count, open a tab or ignore a tab! There are many other Chrome extensions that do this job. However, most of them are focus on suspending the tabs while you wanted to close the older ones and keep the latest ones as you might use them!

Using this plugin gives you the following things to ease your browsing experience;

  • Close multiple tabs based on last access time
  • Navigate among tabs by clicking the title
  • Adjustable duration
  • Badge count
  • Search bar to search based on title or URL
  • Opening a tab from the list
  • Ignore a specific tab
  • Multiple window support
  • Last accessed details
  • Favicon for easy identification
Demonstration video of CloseMyTabs

You can download a 15-day trial version of this extension from the Chrome Web Store.

What do you think about CloseMyTabs? Would you use it to ease your workload when navigating through your browser tabs? Let us know in the comment section below.