Google Docs gets the maximum vote when it comes to a real-time workspace with real-time collaboration by multiple people. From features to security, everything seems to be marked in Google Docs. Nevertheless, a lot of people are looking for a free alternative to Google Docs. We will talk about a blockchain-based alternative to Google Docs in this post.

Arcane Office

Arcane Docs is a full-featured private online document editor. You can create documents or import from Google Docs and Microsoft Word. All save and secure on blockchain-based cloud storage.

Arcane Office is a free decentralized office suite with high security. Your data is secure as this is running on the blockchain. With Arcane Office, you have full control over your personal stuff. If you are looking for a full-featured online document editor and spreadsheet editor, and especially if you care about your privacy- Arcane Office is the suite for you.

So you might wonder where are your documents and sheets are saved? Arcane Office encrypts all your data and sends them to a hub of your choice. Their default storage provider is Blockstack but you can change the provider of course. Blockstack is decentralized storage that works by hosting data in one or more existing storage systems. After all, it doesn’t matter which storage provider you choose. Arcane Office will fully encrypt your data before sends them to the hub you chose.

If you are new to this whole decentralized scene, you might wonder why decentralized matter?

Centralization often means providers are having access to your data without you knowing or approving. Decentralization makes it harder or even impossible; it also allows you to have control over your data. Read more about it here.

With Arcane Office, you can import your documents from Google Docs or Microsoft Word. It might make your life easier if you are ever planning on moving onto this decentralized office suite. You can also share your documents and/or sheets easily by generating a link. Share this link with anyone who wants to have a copy of the file.

Arcane Office provides;

  • Arcane Docs – Alternative to Google Docs
  • Arcane Sheets – Create a data spreadsheet. Turn it into insights.
  • Arcane Photos – Keep your memories safe and secure. All in one place.
  • Arcane Marks – Redact & Annotate images. Hide your sensitive stuff.