This malware is happen to be one of the biggest malware that took over millions of Android devices recently. Malware is something that affect all the platforms out there such as Mobile Phones, Tablets and Computers. According to a security report by security firm named Check Point, this Agent Smith malware had affected almost 25 million of Android devices.

Check Point belives that this Agent Smith malware is originated from one of the Advertising company in China. Agent Smith, unlike other malwares, doesn’t steal your data. Instead it will replace popular apps in your mobile phone with their own version that has ads.

Agent Smith is a malware that forces users to show more ads or will take credit for the existing ads to profit off them. According to Check Point, the malware looks for popular apps, such as WhatsApp, Opera Mini, etc., the replaces the code with its own code, preventing them from being updated. This all happens without the permissions of the mobile owner.

According to the reports, this hits the United States and infected nearly 300,000 devices. Boris Cipot, a senior security engineer at Synopsys Integrity Group, notes how easy it is to be infected. With downloading apps being a “five-second act,” he notes that “once you’ve confirmed the install, it’s too late to change your mind.”

If you want to prevent malware attacks, we suggest using applications from app stores with strict development policies and reviews. Before conforming installation, have a look to see where that particular app comes from and if there are any reliable sources reviewing the application.